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Paris en mots | Lessons on line
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Lessons on line

Learn on line!

With lessons on line, you solve time and space issues !

Enjoy a trip to Paris, at the most convenient time, for a french lesson tailored to your need !

How to learn?


You wish to understand and express yourself in french?

You will find out  SKYPE  is an amazing tool to learn fast and easily! 

Because we focus on the voice while speaking (the webcam unplugged), the

french langage enters your mind without philters.

Reading loud, telling a story, listening to a story, chatting, 

correcting essays* and exercises, 

all kinds of practicing will be explored through a grammar, 

syntax, vocabulary and phonetics framed routine, 

to find the pleasure of the langage.

*Small writing assignments can complement

these activities for faster results.

What to learn?

You will choose the subjects you prefer through a display of various articles regarding literature, Cinema and Fine Arts, music, economics or cooking because, to stimulate your curiosity and impact your memory, the goal of each course is the presentation of the french culture.


A lesson on line allows a comfortable and cosy break to study.

Get ready to enjoy a moment of pleasure with a tasty coffee or tea at your favorite place in a quiet room, wether being at work or home.

To learn efficiently, it’s important!